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  1. Only the following are allowed during the examination: National Electrical Code Book or National Electrical Code Handbook published by NFPA only. Notes are not allowed in books. Mathematical calculator. Code calculators or programmable computers are not allowed during examination. Pen or pencil.
  2. Examination time limit is 3 hours, which allots 3.6 minutes per question.
  3. Each examination is 50 questions. Each question counts 2 points, therefore you must receive 76% to pass. 74% is a failing score.
  4. Use the back of the last page for calculations.
  5. Examination results will be forwarded to applicants within 7 days. Do not call the Lincoln office for results.
  6. If applicant fails, a new application must be submitted to retake the examination.
  7. Failed examination questions may be reviewed for 30-minutes with the Chief Electrical Inspector, within 14 days after the exam date. Contact the Lincoln office to set up an appointment. The purpose of the review is to allow the applicant to see the exam questions missed. The review is not an argument session to change a score.
  8. Check exam type to make sure it is the type for which you applied.
  9. Fill in date and name on the front page of the exam.
  10. Read each question thoroughly.
  11. Answer all questions. All parts of the questions must be answered correctly. Partial credit for an answer is not given.
  12. You may ask the proctor for clarification on any question.
  13. After one hour - seventeen questions should have been answered.
  14. After two hours - thirty-four questions should have been answered.
  15. The examinations will be picked up at the end of the three hours.
  16. Smoking is not permitted at any of the exam sites.



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