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State Electrical Inspectors

There are 14 State Electrical Inspection Districts in the State of Nebraska.

Each District consists of several counties serviced by one State Electrical Inspector. In each District, there may be several municipalities and/or counties which have State Electrical Board approved inspection programs.

State owned property, public educational facilities, and another political subdivision's property within those jurisdictions remain under the jurisdiction of the State Electrical Division.

State Electrical Inspectors can be contacted on their office or cell phones, these phones have 24 hour answering machines.  Please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message.  If you are an online permit applicant you can also request an inspection through our electronic permit system.  A third way to contact your inspector is through their email address.

Click on your district in the map below to view the Inspector's contact information.

Nebraska State Electrical Inspectors Map District 1 Inspectors District 2 Inspectors District 3 Inspectors District 4 Inspectors District 5 Inspectors District 5 Inspectors District 6 Inspectors District 7 Inspectors District 8 Inspectors District 9 Inspectors District 10 Inspectors District 11 inspectors District 13 inspectors District 13 Inspectors District 13 Inspectors District 14 Inspectors District 15 Inspectors


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